Tech leader shares downtown insights

Dayton OH Jun 17, 2019

Jeff Addison is president of Techknowvate, a data analytics firm that recently moved to downtown Dayton. An Air Force veteran, Addison has extensive experience managing major acquisition programs and directing combat systems.

He recently spoke about the company’s relocation.

How would you assess downtown Dayton in late-May 2019? One word … impressive! From businesses to restaurants and most things in between, downtown Dayton’s growth has been just that, impressive. Looking forward to the future.

Why did you decide to move your business to downtown Dayton? We at Techknowvate are focused on creating great software and solutions to solve the problems that matter. Downtown Dayton is the perfect place to cultivate this. We moved downtown for this reason. Plus, we just enjoy the downtown energy. Something about being downtown spurs creativity and encourages risk taking.

How is the tech scene in downtown Dayton? Solid and improving. Techknowvate will work hard to be both.

What needs to be done to keep this momentum going? First, keep with the current path … it’s working! Second, continue to get the word out to the entire Miami Valley and beyond. A thriving downtown Dayton helps everyone. The data supports it.

What’s the biggest obstacle that could slow this growth? Fear slows growth. Downtown Dayton is a naturally diverse environment made up of people from all backgrounds. We need to always remember to celebrate that. For downtown Dayton growth to forge ahead we must strive to be a great place to work, live and play for all.

What would you like to see in downtown Dayton in the next year or two? A more technology and software connected downtown, where businesses and residents to include city services can work seamlessly together. The latest data and information should never be more than an internet click-away. Also, on a different tangent, I have a novel idea that would galvanize the local area and make downtown Dayton even safer and just plain more interesting. Bring back, in a big way, the mounted (horse) police patrols. The safety and security benefits would be great but the public relations benefits for downtown Dayton would be even greater. To help defray expenses, Dayton-area businesses could host fundraisers to assist with resources. This would be a simple and unique way to bring people together and further promote the downtown Dayton renaissance.

Caleb Stephens
Dayton Business Journal

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