Jeff Addison, president and founder of Techknowvate, is an Air Force Academy graduate, former military officer and pilot. His background includes significant operations, engineering, software, and testing experience, as well as management and development of large commercial, defense and special program military projects.

The Techknowvate team includes engineers, project managers, implementation experts and advisors, each having decades of cutting edge experience managing and developing projects for leading public and private organizations. Techknowvate is staffed to execute full-scale software development to support high-end data analytics, asset tracking projects and technical support services. Techknowvate knows 24/7 Operations Centers of all sizes and types to include the coordination, management and implementation needed for their successful set-up and execution. Techknowvate’s products and solutions are state-of-the-art, including customizable data analytics and asset tracking offerings with the latest in blockchain, RFID, and machine learning technologies.

We understand business and government relations, and the detailed inter-agency coordination needed to execute complex projects on-time, on-budget and on-mission.