Techknowvate and PillPez develop teaming agreement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 1st, 2021


Dayton, Ohio/ — Techknowvate, a leader in software solutions taking complex data and simplifying it
into manageable information for better and faster decision-making, has signed an teaming agreement
with PillPez to pursue federal business with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). PillPez is a
product solutions company that provides an in-home tele-health hub that helps people take their
medicines on time, and includes remote vital sign monitoring and emergency response.

Techknowvate and PillPez are teaming to work with the VA to identify and provide Veterans with a
unique, home-based health hub. With the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and
automation, Techknowvate will identify, onboard, and track users that are most in need. PillPez will
provide the PillPez in-home device, configuration, patient and clinician training, and trouble shooting.
Together Techknowvate and PillPez will deliver an effective and convenient way to ensure patients take
medications on time, utilize remote chronic disease monitoring, and have immediate access to
emergency services. This solution identifies Veterans in need, reduces medical delivery costs, increase
patient engagement and independence, reduces hospital admissions, and improves healthcare

“The Techknowvate and PillPez teaming agreement will allow a new level of services to our Veterans.
Through this exciting collaboration, we will bring solutions to our veterans most in need,” stated Jeff
Addison, President of Techknowvate. “As a veteran myself, I could see the need for this type of care in
my own future to maintain my independence and this is an opportunity for us to give back to our
veterans and improve their quality of care while reducing the cost of care to taxpayers.”


About Techknowvate:

Techknowvate is a software and technology company that focuses on taking complex data and
simplifying it into manageable information for better decision making. Using the latest in artificial
intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing, our customized software has been used in a
variety of applications including supply chain and real-time inventory management, tracking
performance and workflow, automating security systems, prioritizing real-time logistics, and increasing
reliability and performance in IT operations. Techknowvate is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small
Business (SDVOSB) and an Minority Business Enterprise. Learn more:

About PillPez:

PillPez has a passion for helping others, removing barriers and improving outcomes. For a decade we
delivered telehealth solutions to thousands of customers. We saw caregivers and patients become
frustrated while using multiple systems with complex instructions from different manufacturers. We
knew there had to be a better way. Our vision was to align technology with patients, creating a single
“hub” to enable individual care at home. We created a single solution to address independent living and
chronic disease management. Our medication management system eliminates the errors and expense of
pill sorting. PillPez helps users stay on schedule while keeping families and care teams in the know. Our
original vision has finally become a reality. Learn more:

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